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Band Heaters

The band heaters are used in the plastic injection molding applications thus, they are extensively demanded in the plastic industries. The heaters are of premium quality with long term durability.

Cartridge Heaters

The cartridge heater is a special industrial heater with tube like shape. It is primarily used to heat the different metal blocks from inside by being inserted into the holes drilled.

Hot Runner Heaters

A hot runner heaters are generally used for the molding cavities of plastic materials. The heaters are extensively demanded in the plastic injection molding sectors, because they keep them in molten state.

Infrared Heaters

The infrared heaters are special heaters, that are abundantly used in the industrial and residential settings. They are also used in healthcare industries for activating the vessels and capillaries in the body.

Industrial Thermocouples

Industries thermocouples hare used for the measurement of the temperatures. The thermocouples are like temperature sensors. These are used for variety of different scientific and everyday appliances.  

Industrial Controllers

The industrial controllers are used for supervising or controlling the data, localized processes of a machinery system. These are very important as they are responsible for great efficacy and working of the equipment.

Strip Heaters

The strip heaters are used as radiator heaters. They transfer the heat into the area or air. The high quality heating element in the heaters makes it an ideal choice.


The cast-in heaters are specially designed for heating the solids. These use the electrical energy and are often embedded in various materials such as bronze, brass, aluminum etc.

Roller Heaters

The roller heaters are the industrial furnaces that are extensively utilized for heating the materials. These are easy to use and have great value in the industrial industries.

Heating Equipment & Control Panels

The heating equipment & control panels are used for heating applications and determining the overall performance of the equipment respectively. They use electrical energy for functioning.

Industrial Equipments

The industrial equipments are used in the industrial sectors and are used for numerous applications. The premium quality equipment are used for performing distinct tasks.

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